Plan a Pilgrimage

Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel Service will collaborate with your group leader to plan a pilgrimage customized to your group’s preferences.

  • Choose a destination

    Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel Service annually organizes successful pilgrimages to a myriad of countries and holy sites, including those in the United States. Pilgrims who have traveled with Pilgrimages by CTS have washed in the Baths of Lourdes, France; received the Pope’s blessing in St. Peter’s Square, Rome; visited the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Israel; and attended Mass at Wawel Cathedral, Krakow where Blessed Pope John Paul II was ordained a priest. Explore possible pilgrimage destinations.

  • Consider working with one of our partners

    Pilgrimages By Corporate Travel Service is pleased to partner with Footprints of God Pilgrimages by Steve Ray and Ave Maria Radio Pilgrimages on an annual series of faith journeys that offer special faith learning opportunities. These unique pilgrimages feature guest speakers, including Steve and Janet Ray, Teresa Tomeo, Dr. Scott Hahn, and Mike Aquilina, who enhance the pilgrimage tour with their expertise, insights, and enthusiasm.

  • Design an itinerary

    In collaboration with one of Pilgrimages by CTS’ tour planning experts, design an itinerary specific to your intentions/goals for the tour. Together with your Pilgrimages by CTS consultant, choose the number and location of Masses, the type of planned sightseeing tours, the number of included meals, and your hotel preferences. Decide to include airfare in the pilgrimage package or to designate the trip as “land only.”

  • Advertise and recruit

    Collaborate with Pilgrimages by CTS in producing a full-color, four-page, customized brochure for your pilgrimage, complete with destination photos, an itinerary, and a reservation form. Receive complimentary brochures and customized posters for promotion. View a sample pilgrimage brochure.

  • Manage registration and payment

    Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel Service handles individual reservations and payments for your pilgrimage, freeing the group leader from the burden of extra paperwork and payment collection.

  • Have confidence at your destination

    For more than four decades Pilgrimages by CTS has developed relationships with trusted local agents at home and abroad to ensure the highest quality in accommodations, restaurants, and transportation. Accompanied by a certified, English-speaking guide and/or Pilgrimages by CTS escort, you and your pilgrimage participants can focus on prayer and savoring the experience, not on logistics.