Pilgrimages to Egypt & Jordan

An exciting option for a pilgrimage to Israel is to extend the journey to the nearby countries of Jordan and/or Egypt.* Both of these Biblical lands offer an enhanced view of Old and New Testament sites, including the route of the Exodus, Mt. Sinai, and the site where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River. A pilgrimage to Egypt and Jordan also offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter some of the world’s most astounding archeological treasures, such as Egypt’s world-wonder pyramids and the magnificent ancient stone city of Petra.

Coupling expertise with flexibility, Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel can provide you with an outstanding Catholic pilgrimage to Egypt and Jordan, according to the vision you have for your particular group’s tour.

Consider including the following sites
in your pilgrimage to Egypt and Jordan:


  • Cairo – Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian Museum, Nile River, St. Sergius Church/House of the Holy Family, Jewish Synagogue of Ben Ezra, Alabaster Mosque
  • Alexandria – Alexandria National Museum, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, St. Mark’s Coptic Cathedral, Catacombs of Kom, Pompey’s Pillar
  • Mt. Sinai (site where Moses received the Ten Commandments) – St. Catherine’s Monastery (relics of St. Catherine, site of the Burning Bush)


  • Amman – Capital city of Jordan
  • Bethany – Authentic baptismal site of Jesus in the Jordan River
  • Petra – ‘Red-rose’ city of rock
  • Mt. Nebo – Site of death and burial of Moses
  • Machaerus – Site of John the Baptist’s beheading
  • Umm Arrasas – Church of St. Stephen
  • Madaba – Church of St. George, mosaic Map of the Holy Land
  • Deir Ain Abata – Lot’s Cave

Request to view proposed itineraries for a pilgrimage to Egypt and Jordan, keeping in mind that Pilgrimages by Corporate Travel is ready to work with you to design your own customized itinerary.

*For your safety, due to the political and social climate of Egypt, pilgrimages and pilgrimage extensions to this destination will be suspended for a period of time.