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Steve Ray - Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Be the 1st ones back to the Holy Land! Seats available for December 27 and January 6 departures!

No lines! No crowds! More time at holy sites and not rushed in prayer and Mass. A rare event in the Holy Land. Join us for these unique opportunities. In 2019 over 4.5 million tourists crowded into Israel. Now it is empty just waiting for us!

Unexpected Crosses and Unsurpassed Graces

2020 started with the promise of becoming a record-breaking, historic year in Corporate Travel’s (CTS) 55-year history. The year launched with an inaugural sailing of the now highly acclaimed Good News Cruise® in January which set the record-breaking pace. CTS, by every key metric was poised for an exciting year to execute on our mission! Our team had invested three years of planning and incredibly hard work with the highest of hopes for 2020!

It's Always About the People

Travel involves taking people to different places. But not merely that. If getting people from one place to another was the crux of it, we would be talking about transportation, not travel. Travel is about going to different places for the express purpose of experiencing things. This is the essence of what we as travel-providers are focused on. Yes, we want our products to cost less. We want them to be devoid of delays or interruptions. But above all, we want them to be exhilarating, memorable and life-changing. As our mission statement here at Corporate Travel captures well, the collective purpose for which we are engaged is to enhance lives, promote culture, and to open the world to our clients. So how is that done?


Our Journey of Listening for God

As someone who loves to travel, leads pilgrimages to Italy several times a year, and writes as well as speaks about my travel experiences, I’ve realized I need to do a better job of practicing what I preach. I am the first to offer all kids of sage advice about the most beautiful chapels, best restaurants, off the beaten path places that are a must in Rome, Florence, or Assisi. And when it comes to advising someone concerning what to bring or how to dress, I remind fellow travelers, less is more. “Oh, you don’t need much more than good comfortable shoes, a versatile jacket,” I will tell them.


Let Music Live!

This unsettling time in our world has caused us to change and rethink the way we live, but there have been a few silver linings as a result. I have spent more time with my family (sometimes too much…), getting to know my children better as they grow and learn in this crazy time. I have slowed down my professional schedule (some by choice, some not by choice) that has allowed me to focus on what I really want to accomplish in the “back 9” of my career. And I have had plenty of time (sometimes too much…) to think, read, and learn about myself. (CLICK TO READ MORE)

Is it Safe to Not Travel?

Our health is our greatest gift. We are reminded of this by people in our lives far beyond the exam room of our physician’s office. Family and friends who know us best and love us most remind us of this basic fact of life. Undoubtedly, we have all heard, “Well, at least we have our heath” when sharing with a neighbor our common challenges in life. Phone calls with old friends invariably include, “So how are you? Everybody healthy?” in the first 60 seconds of the conversation. We take our one-a-day vitamins religiously. We exercise, choose meals carefully, and eat responsibly (most of the time!...). Our health is, in a word, everything. (CLICK TO READ MORE)

An Antidote to the Pandemic's Effects

My 82-year old father and my 73-year old mother wouldn’t have it any other way. After the slight easing of draconian lock-down measures in Honduras, my parents booked the first flight they could to the USA. Don’t get me wrong, they love Honduras. But it was time - high time - for them to experience freedom. (CLICK TO READ MORE)

Take Virtual on the Road!

Among family and friends, I have heard many lament the loss of annual traditions, once-in-a-lifetime celebrations and a bevy of rites of passage. Having a senior in high school and college, we are feeling a certain heaviness knowing that we won’t be able to enjoy important rituals like football, homecoming, prom, and parent weekends, just a few affecting our family, to say nothing of a sweet 16th birthday on our horizon and Thanksgiving, and . . . so on. And yet...(CLICK TO READ MORE)

A Favorable Reaction on the American People

President Donald Trump, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and my home state’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer are just three of many American leaders who have likened the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic to World War Two. While such a comparison can be both scrutinized and politicized, I would for my part respond this way: (CLICK THE PHOTO TO READ MORE)

The Return of Travel: The Future is Bright!

Something that had seemed so routine suddenly seemed so exhilarating; a previously known but now unknown, or at least reinvented, experience lay before me. September 30 was my first flight since February 24! I didn’t quite know what to expect with so many new protocols, rules and precautions in place.(CLICK THE PHOTO TO READ MORE)

When in Rome: Italian Tips for the American Traveler

One of the many joys of international travel is immersing yourself in a new culture, but sometimes cultural differences can take you by surprise! Here are seven Italian customs every American traveler should know, courtesy of a native Roman! (CLICK THE PHOTO TO READ MORE)

Pack Like a Pro: 10 Tips to Save Space and Stress Before Your Next Getaway

When it comes to trip preparation, it's difficult to overstate the importance of packing. Luckily, more than 50 years in the travel business has taught our team a thing or two about effective packing strategies. We're excited to share a few of our game-changing packing tips to help you prepare for your own future travels! (CLICK THE PHOTO TO READ MORE)